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Nearly 3 million American families will lose a loved one this year and another 5 million will be informed that a death is impending - but many don't know what to do next. Although inevitable, families are often unprepared for this emotional and life changing event. When someone you know loses a loved one, will you be ready to help?

That's why Unity Boston offers MyEstateManager as a service to our congregants.

MyEstateManager is a free tool for estate planning, preparation, and management that helps deal with the passing of a friend or family member - confidently, effectively . . . and with a feeling of control. It's a unique estate planning and post-death administration resource that offers a secure, step-by-step guide that explains what to expect, what to do - and when. MyEstateManager also shows how to get immediate support from local service providers.
When to use MyEstateManager?

MyEstateManager can help before, during, and after the time when someone dies.

Before a loved one passes, MyEstateManager can help plan ahead to avoid costly and potentially devastating financial mistakes. During the final days, MyEstateManager helps ensure that life transitions occur thoughtfully in a way that is best for all concerned. After a loved one passes, MyEstateManager can help manage the financial and life issues surrounding the administration of a loved one's estate.

MyEstateManager provides simple easy-to-use information to help manage the estate administration process - helping you take care of everything - so life can go back to normal.

What can MyEstateManager do?

MyEstateManager can help anyone (spouse, executor, trustee, parent, child, or sibling) who finds themselves dealing with the death of a loved one. MyEstateManager can:

  • Provide free access to a comprehensive estate administration process
  • Educate through every step of the process - exactly what to do and when
  • Inform by explaining the terminology and legal jargon
  • Help find local service providers and professional advisors
  • Provide access to an extensive forms library to organize and manage the estate
  • Allow you to assign specific areas to a trusted advisor or family member
  • Help secure and preserve important documents - and have them available 24/7

With MyEstateManager, no stone is left unturned. Lists are made and recorded. Timelines are projected and set. Professional advisors needed to handle the complexities of estate administration are identified and pre-screened. Funeral plans are created and organized. Service providers are located and confirmed. And convenient ways to pass information and documents to trusted advisors or family members stand ready. Everything needed is here.

We know this may be a difficult time. Our goal is to provide information, resources, and tools to help make this life changing transition easier - and it's free. Click below to go to the content, register, and get started.

What about Trusted Advisors?

Local Trusted Advisors and service professionals can support many steps of a life transition. To improve the usefulness of this site, we would like to add Trusted Advisors in the Boston area. If you know of services professionals you like and trust, who may want to sponsor this site, please contact Corey Becker at

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